Rick Prashaw

Rick Prashaw is a tested writer and public speaker whose eclectic career has thrived in jobs in journalism, the priesthood, national non-government organization (NGO) leadership, and federal politics.

He has worked for The Vancouver Sun, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, the national ecumenical Church Council on Justice and Corrections, and, most recently, for three federal New Democratic Party Members of Parliament.

At the Church Council NGO, advocates for a healing justice after crime, Prashaw served as executive director and co-authored two books. He is the co-winner of the 1999 national Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award, awarded to an individual who models restorative justice principles in the service of justice and peace.

Prashaw ran for the NDP in the 2004 federal election in the Ottawa riding of Carleton Mississippi Mills. His three legislative assistant jobs for Members of Parliament include championing campaigns for legislation on poverty elimination (Sault Ste. Marie MP Tony Martin, 2004-2008) and a national dementia strategy (Nickel Belt MP Claude Gravelle, 2011-2015).

Prashaw received a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) at Carleton University in Ottawa and a Masters of Divinity at the University of Western Ontario. He also studied at San Anselmo College in Rome.

Prashaw is proudest of being Adam’s dad. It has nurtured new advocacy work for transgender rights and organ donation.

Prashaw lives in Ottawa.

Rene Labelle

Rene Labelle was born male but identifies as gender fluid. When in public, Rene always presents as male. He lives and works alone from home and expresses (dresses) according to his/her mood. Sometimes pants, sometimes skirts or dresses. He/she is very much in the closet – so no pictures please.

Rene is also an accomplished hypnotherapist. Until recently, he had a thriving clinic specializing in smoking cessation. He also worked with a wide range of issues such as: depression, anxiety, stress and irrational fears of all kinds.   

He is now in the process of developing a 2-day stress management seminar as well as writing a complimentary companion book expanding on the topic. Both are due to launch in the fall of 2019.  

During his one-hour presentation (Friday 10 am), Rene will share with you, practical interventions to life's many stresses. Rene knows all to well the added stress that comes from being transgender – regardless if you’re in or out of the closet. Stress reduction interventions unique to trans-gendered individuals will also be explored.  

If you want to dramatically improve your health and also boost your personal happiness, then you'll want to attend this introductory workshop/presentation. Supportive take-home resources will also be provided.  

(Please note that Rene is NOT an entertainment hypnotist. The emphasis is on self-help through self-hypnosis and other proven methods. There will be NO individual or group hypnosis performed. The presentation is strictly educational in nature.)

Warner Schaettgen

Warner Schaettgen is one of the coolest Trans kids you'll meet. She and her mother, Melissa, are incredible ambassadors for the Trans Community. Warner is openly Trans at her school. She has met with both support and criticism. Warner and her family were actively involved with lobbying for the passage of Bill C-16, the Gender Identity or Expression bill. Melissa was a witness at one of the Senate Hearings into the bill. Warner’s parents have been totally supportive. They will bring an update from their visit with us three years ago.