Our Guest Speakers

Stephanie Howard

Stephanie has been a long time Trans Advocate. She has successfully transitioned with the OPP. She was recently interviewed on CTV News. She has a fascinating story. The interview can be seen here.

Calvin Neufeld

Calvin Neufeld is an independent speaker, writer, thinker and social justice advocate. His hobbies include harp, piano, speaking to himself and gardening. A vegan transsexual, Calvin is an advocate of life and quality of life for oppressed species, for sexual and gender minorities, racial minorities, the physically, mentally, and economically disadvantaged, and absolutely everybody else. His web site is: www.calvinneufeld.com

Sophia D’Aoust

Gender Mosaic President – Sophia will discuss some of the amazing things that have happened in the past year in the Trans Community. What are the issues facing us and what do we want to accomplish next. She will discuss Bill C-16 and the medal that was awarded to Gender Mosaic in the Senate.