Our Guest Speakers

Amanda Jetté Knox

I have been a fan of Amanda Jetté Knox’s for a long time though I only told her recently. She was only a couple of months into dealing with a Trans child when her spouse also came out as Trans. I can’t imaging the turmoil that put her through. But she has come out of it as one of the most positive advocates of the Trans Community that I know. I admire her willingness to be visible and tell her story. Her interview on CBC is inspiring. You can read and listen to it HERE.

Amanda Ryan

Amanda Ryan has been lobbying for the Gender Identity Bill in three different sessions of Parliament. She has been active with Bill Siksay’s Private Member’s Bill C-389, Randall Garrison’s Private member’s Bill C-279 and now with Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Government Bill C-16. Bill C-16 is currently before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee. Amanda will report on the progress of the Bill, why it is so important to the Trans Community and where do we go from here when it passes.